About Consuelo

She is a visual artist born in Chile and based in Croatia.

Graduated in Graphic Design and has experimented in various media, including graphic design, goldsmithing and metal engraving, in an artistic quest to express “the dreams and desires of the soul through matter”... this has led her to turn his life into an artistic career.

She has had a variety of individual and group exhibitions, in Croatia and other places in Europe such as Madrid, Venice and Monaco.

Consuelo has a deep search for freedom in all areas. For this reason, in art, she goes through a diversity of techniques, media and series, which leads her to be a very diverse artist.

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My Art Work

My work is a world of stories, very intimate. I work with different series, materials and dimensions in order to create visual experiences. Download a complex inner world, expressing, sharing and undressing what is sometimes not possible with common words and in everyday reality. My work generates dialogue and natural paths between each element as well as between the observer and each piece of art, creating a story that, through contemplation, is free to be interpreted.

My work, as a result of my search for artistic freedom, is a sum of techniques. I look for significant elements, places or everyday objects in my life, architectural elements, details, those that I rescue from those anonymous and forgotten places, which perhaps over time will fade from memory and I resignify and integrate them to the dimension of emotions and intimate experiences, generating a dialogue between each element that makes up a work and its inhabited space that is made up of an explosion and fusion between shapes, color, texture, rhythm, dreams and emotions, generating a journey of subconscious experiences.

Mix of unconsciousness and reason. A journey through my inner world. The expression of emotional experience in a real environment transferred to the unconscious imagination.

By the connection of my soul with the material with which I create my work becomes a journey in which I let myself go and all that is rational is diluted in this sea of emotions that try to come out through my work. It is a playful adventure that transports me to other dimensions.

Through my work I try to leave traces, through experiences, like a river that changes and adapts with each piece it finds, traveling through different emotions, cultures, faces, encounters with the earthly and spiritual, like it is my journey across this world.

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Next exhibition in the city of Dubrovnik, at the Sponza Palace. a 16th century palace located in the historic center of the old city.

"The author's distinctive and unique artistic world of Consuelo Palma grows out of the need for freedom of artistic creation and the effort to bridge the boundaries of the traditional in both the formal and content domain of the image. It crystallized from a personal worldview and an artistic need that builds on opposites, on the dichotomy of figurative and abstract, primordial and civilizational, apparent and spiritual, surface and volume. "Writing" the diary of her life with a painting, drawing or sculpture is a formula that Consuelo uses like a matrix in every work in order to speak intimately about her own existence, about ethical and aesthetic attitudes. Revealing our affective and emotional states in art, appealing to our mutual connection, to the fateful intertwining of human and divine, material and spiritual in us. The iconography of her work, built on stimuli from nature, on impressions during travels, encounters with new places and cultures, is "read" as archetypal... Her paintings and sculptures are global metaphors, a symbolically presented reality related to man's original experience. They are projections of natural sensations or civilizational legacies. These are imprints of life filtered by the author's emotion and imagination... You don't need a special visual and aesthetic sensibility to feel the symbolism and discover the spiritual content in this approach to artistic morphologies. Because the perception of her works has a wide scale of observational emotionality - from that of a child to the maturity of the observer who is willing and able to read more complex meanings from them. Meanings that the Dubrovnik exhibition fully reveals to us."

From the preface Sanda Stanaćev Bajzek, curator, art critic.

In "In corde meo" I show part of my work that captures, in some way, the journey of my life since I lived in Dubrovnik. Reflecting my personal process, from introspection in the search for belonging, until reaching a more liberating and playful period. In a first stage, my work sought to connect the earthly with the emotional through concrete elements accompanied by abstractions that evoke emotions and connect with the soul, thus forming a unique, complex and powerful language that tries to convey what words cannot always express. on a subconscious or dream level. Then the work transcends, and evolves into an intimate experience giving way to a liberation that opens the doors to a more universal and connected creation. Playing with the pictorial, with relationships and roles, creating new meanings that range from personal to universal perception. Inspired by a poet from my native land, for me, art is not only beauty to excite the senses, but also to give sustenance to the soul.

Consuelo Palma

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